Hey~ What are you staring at? That's not very nice~ ♥

— Chi Xiaoxiao

Chi Xiaoxiao is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and the leader of the idol group CatsMint.

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A nurse whose age is a secret, she is also an extremely popular fashionista. She loves to make jokes with her close friends, especially those that fluster them. Can never say no to anything fluffy and/or cute, like the cat plushie she has at home..[1]

She is the leader of the unit CatsMint.[2]

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Xiaoxiao is an alluring, playful woman. She loves to flirt and tease, combined with her fashion tastes, makes her seem more seductive compared to her unit members. Her unknown age adds a sense of mystery to her personality, as she could be using it to add a charm to her, or she may be secretly insecure of her age.

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EP4. Just Wanna Be Happy Together ❤ Edit

Xiaoxiao invited Zuo Anji to become an idol sometime before the forming of CatsMint occurred, but Anji did not answer at the time. She later invited both Anji and Pan Ziyang to a live concert. During the concert, Xiaoxiao introduced Anji to Ziyang, and she tells Anji that it is up to her now whether to join or not. Anji was intimidated by Ziyang's looming presence, which was cemented when she called Anji too fidgety to perform on stage. This caused Anji to melt down, blaming herself for enraging Ziyang and considering herself unfit to be an idol. After Xiaoxiao tried to console her, Ziyang told Anji that she had changed her mind, telling Anji that she must join. At that moment, Xiaoxiao declared that CatsMint was formed, much to the bewilderment/indifference of her unit members.[3]

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