The comics (sometimes referred to as MiniStory) are short comics digitally published on the IDOL∞INFINITY official Twitter and Weibo that tell the stories about each of the idol groups in IDOL∞INFINITY.

Normal EpisodesEdit

Icon EP1

January 1st 2018
EP1 Let's Start a

Icon EP2

January 1st 2018
EP2 Let Us Convey
Our Ideals to the
World Like This

Icon EP3

January 1st 2018
EP3 Let's Conquer
the World with Your
Marshal, Me!

Icon EP4

January 1st 2018
EP4 Just Wanna Be
Happy Together ❤

Icon EP5

January 1st 2018
EP5 I, Wu Xiaowei,
Shall Accomplish
Great Feats!

Icon EP6

January 1st 2018
EP6 Seems Like I've
Joined a Ridiculous

Special EpisodesEdit

Icon SP1

January 1st 2018
SP1 Year of the Dog,
Not Year of the

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