Danqing (Chinese: 丹青, Dānqīng) is an idol group featured in IDOL∞INFINITY. It features Yao JingnvTian Zhiqing, and Zhuo Jue. Feng Yasong is responsible for the creation of Danqing but is not a member of the group.

Story Edit

EP6. "Seems Like I've Joined a Ridiculous Club" Edit

Tian Zhiqing, bored with her life, noticed a chicken passing by her. Following the chicken, Zhiqing met Yao Jingnv and Zhuo Jue. Jingnv called it a fated encounter, but Jue noted that she followed the chicken too. Jue pondered about the purpose of a club with a traditional Chinese theme, but Jingnv says their fated purpose is to be idols. Zhiqing joined immediately, but Jue is confused by the concept of idols. While the two talk, Jingnv and Feng Yasong laughed evilly behind them.

EP12. "Feng Shui, Sword Dance, and Dress Up" Edit


Songs Edit

Ballad of Traditional Colors
Release Date: December 30th, 2018

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