Diva Entis Æterni (also referred to as D.E.Æ.) is an idol group in IDOL∞INFINITY. The group features two twin sisters, Cornelia von Hexenburg and Gong Yuan.

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EP2. "Let Us Convey Our Ideals to the World Like This." Edit

Diva Entis Æterni was founded on a day when Cornelia and Yuan were spending time with each other. Yuan had posted a video she made of Cornelia's singing on the Internet some time ago, and alerted Cornelia of its sudden popularity. Cornelia was pleasantly surprised that the "dull souls" of the public appreciated her performance, and Yuan enthusiastically suggested that Cornelia help her make more videos. Cornelia immediately suggested the name "Diva Entis Æterni", and the name confuses Yuan. Cornelia writes the name down, explaining that it means "The Eternal Diva". Yuan notes how the name fits Cornelia, and the group was formed.[1]

EP8. "A Normal Day" Edit


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No songs have been released for Diva Entis Æterni as of yet. Stay tuned!

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