Gloria is an idol group featured in IDOL∞INFINITY. It consists of the members Lin Moli, Xiong Daihua, and Zhang An.

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EP3. "Let's Conquer the World with Your
Marshal, Me!"

The unit originally started out with only Moli and Daihua. When Moli needed to recruit a weapons consultant, Daihua contacted An online on Moli's behalf and agreed to rendezvous in public, believing An to be a boy. After waiting for an extended period of time, much to Moli's disapproval, An met with the two and introduced herself. Daihua, realizing that An was a girl, immediately attempted to recruit her to join their idol group. An declined, stating that she had only agreed to be a weapons consultant. Moli stepped in and commanded An to join the group in a militaristic tone. An immediately and curtly agreed to join, to Daihua's surprise.[1]

EP9. "Grand Marshal! Battlefield Debut" Edit


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  • Gloria is the only unit that has changed their logo after the project was revealed. The reason for this change is unknown.

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