ii is the mascot of IDOL∞INFINITY. She is a piece of software that is described as an "information distribution system".

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The project's information distribution system. In charge of data uploading, as well as doing some simple organization and other miscellaneous chores. This version is a bit lazy and doesn't want to get into troublesome things, but still very responsible overall. If there's a system upgrade, maybe she'll become more hardworking.[1]

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Since ii is the social media mascot for IDOL∞INFINITY, she does not have much of a defined personality. She is mentioned as being lazy yet responsible, but this may reflect the posting style of the official social media accounts for the project, which tend to post sparsely.

The official QQ group chat for IDOL∞INFINITY has ii as the moderator; she tends to joke around with the other members but does not post often, most likely due to the aforementioned laziness. She appreciates art drawn by fans.

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  • ii is the only character so far with legitimate social media accounts, being the owner of the official Weibo, Twitter, Bilibili, and QQ group chat.

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