Princess Fiora never gives up when faced with difficulties, so I won't give up either!

— Li Xueyang

Li Xueyang is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and a member of the idol group Year 5 Class 6.

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A 9-year-old primary schooler. Li Xueyang adores magical girls, she is pure and kind-hearted. Although she is timid, and cries easily, she tries her best to follow in the footsteps of the magical girls she loves. She is the 'lucky star' of the group, due to anything going well for her as a cause of her extremely good luck. She is good friends with Chen Zigui.[1]

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Xueyang is a shy girl who happens to be the youngest in IDOL∞INFINITY. She always has tears in her eyes and speaks in ellipses, which shows off her timid nature. However, she wants to become more confident and strong, like the magical girls from the anime she watches. She views highly of her unit members, calling them all big sister.

She loves Capybaras, so she often lets others hold her Capybara doll or gives others a Capybara doll.

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EP5. I, Wu Xiaowei, Shall Accomplish Great Feats! Edit

Xueyang, seeing a Princess Fiora toy, follows it to its location. It is revealed that the person manipulating the toy was Wu Xiaowei, who also lured Chen Zigui with a doughnut. Liu Siyuan smacked Xiaowei with a book and demanded her to be nicer, since she manipulated the two recruits. Xueyang rejected the item, since she considered taking the item as stealing, but joined anyways. With the unit complete, they took a celebratory selfie together.

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  • Xueyang is the only character in her unit to not match the unit name, Year 5 Class 6. This is because she is in the fourth grade, not fifth.

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