Teacher said to write down the important things, or else it'll be quickly forgotten.

— Liu Siyuan

Liu Siyuan is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and the vice leader of Year 5 Class 6.

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A 10-year-old primary schooler. Liu Siyuan is an average student. She is smart, obedient, and has excellent grades. Always planning ahead, she does her best to find the most economical and effective ways to do things. The print on her clothes is often strange.[1]

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Siyuan, within her idol unit, is seemingly the most mature. She is smart, a good leader, and prioritizes schoolwork over idol work, which contrasts the behavior of her unit leader Wu Xiaowei. Overall, she can be described as the "smart kid" in the group.

However, she can still be rather immature. For example, she had a childlike sense of pride when she managed to win a claw game by calculating with her math skills, but she ended up falling into a depressive state when she realized Xueyang was better than her at claw games.[2]

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EP1. Let's Start a Band!? Edit

Siyuan, among a few other unit leaders, makes a cameo at the end of the comic when Jiang Jingjing talks about being on the same stage as MOMOCA. She seems to be worrying over Wu Xiaowei, but her eyes notably hidden, since at the time her identity was not revealed yet.

EP5. I, Wu Xiaowei, Shall Accomplish Great Feats! Edit

Year 5 Class 6 started when Wu Xiaowei and Siyuan decided to become idols and needed members. Xiaowei lured Li Xueyang and Chen Zigui to their location with some items. Siyuan smacked Xiaowei with a book and demanded her to be nicer, since she manipulated them. After recruiting the two girls, Xiaowei declared everything was done on her end; Siyuan noted that they should do their homework before doing any unit activities. With the unit completed, they took a celebratory selfie together.

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