MiniStory Ep1 - Let's Start A Band?! is the first comic released for IDOL∞INFINITY. It describes how STAR☆CALL was formed.

Synopsis Edit

The comic takes place during summer vacation. Jiang Jingjing is hanging out with her friends Hao Fan and Higashisono Amane as she watched a MOMOCA show on television. When the show finally ends, Jingjing suddenly and loudly declares that she has made the decision to make an idol group of her own called STAR☆CALL. She says that she wants to be able to use her free time to dedicate herself towards being able to star in special performances live and take the stage alongside MOMOCA. She immediately recruits the two friends who were with her, Hao Fan and Amane. Hao Fan is incredibly reluctant, but joins the group anyway.

Comic Edit

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That summer vacation before school reopens.


JINGJING: Encore! Encore!

JINGJING: Hohoho... You guys are the best!

AMANE: Aiya, it looks like it ended...

FAN: Some peace at last.


FAN: It's definitely not a good thing!

JINGJING: I have decided, from now on - I'm going to use all my time to do something i like.

JINGJING: Yuanyuan!


FAN: Not listening! Be quiet.

JINGJING: Let's start a band together!

JINGJING: The kind where we can do special performances live!

JINGJING: And also perform alongside MOMOCA!

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