MiniStory Ep2 - Let Us Convey Our Ideals to the World Like This is the second comic released for IDOL∞INFINITY. It describes how Diva Entis Æterni was formed.

Synopsis Edit

Cornelia and Yuan are spending time together sitting on a couch. While Cornelia is studying her tome, Yuan is on her phone, checking social media. She addresses Cornelia as "sister", which Cornelia ignores. Yuan corrects herself, addressing Cornelia as "Lady Cornelia", and she responds. Yuan shows Cornelia that a video she made of her singing became popular online, and convinces her to make more songs. Cornelia immediately declares that their idol group will be named Diva Entis Æterni and explains its meaning to Yuan, and she enthusiastically approves of the name.

Comic Edit

This is not an official translation, no official translation has been released yet.
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YUAN: Woah, look sis! This is super cool!

CORNELIA is silent.

YUAN: Lady Cornelia, it appears something is troubling you.

CORNELIA: My dear brethren, what is it?

YUAN: I added a video to the song you wrote and posted it, and look, it got so many likes so fast! There's so many shares too!

CORNELIA: Oh? So those dull souls are able to understand too?

YUAN: Lady Cornelia~ Let's make a Volume 2, Volume 3, all the way to Volume Infinity!

CORNELIA: Diva Entis Æterni.

YUAN: Diwa... En... Enti... What?

CORNELIA writes down "Diva Entis Æterni" with its translation, "The Eternal Diva", on a piece of paper.

YUAN: Ahh! It really suits si- I mean, Lady Cornelia~


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