I am a policewoman. Cleaning up scum is my job.

— Pan Ziyang

Pan Ziyang is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and a member of the idol group CatsMint.

Blurb Edit

A 22-year-old policewoman who is not only strict with others, but also herself, she likes to do sports like MMA to pass time. She handles everything skillfully, making her very reliable, but doesn't step out from her boundaries.[1]

The second member of the unit CatsMint.[2]

Personality Edit

Ziyang is described as strict and legalistic. As a police officer and a person, she sets high standards for herself and others, making her stern and critical at times. Being a martial artist of tall stature, she also tends to intimidate those she considers lacking. She also likes to make cutting remarks, such as calling those she arrests "scum", but it is possible that she is just being playful.

Story Edit

EP4. Just Wanna Be Happy Together ❤ Edit

Previously being a policewoman, Ziyang was first scouted to be an idol by Chi Xiaoxiao. She was brought to a live show where she was introduced to Zuo Anji by Xiaoxiao, who complimented her dancing. Anji was intimidated by Ziyang's looming presence, which was cemented when she called Anji too fidgety to perform on stage. This caused Anji to break down, blaming herself for enraging Ziyang and considered herself unfit to be an idol. After Xiaoxiao tried to console her, Ziyang told Anji that she had changed her mind, telling Anji that she must join. At that moment, Xiaoxiao declared that CatsMint was formed, with Ziyang being indifferent to the announcement.[3]

Relationships Edit

Chi Xiaoxiao Edit

Xiaoxiao first met Ziyang when recruiting members for CatsMint. Xiaoxiao appears to think highly of Ziyang's dancing, and is unaffected by her intimidation.[3]

Zuo Anji Edit

Ziyang met Anji when she was scouted by Xiaoxiao to join CatsMint. She was shown to be critical of Anji, telling her that she seemed too fidgety to perform live - however, after scaring Anji, Ziyang was quick to forgive her.[3]

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  • A notable error appears on Ziyang's birthday image. In the background, the seal's text says Diva Entis Æterni rather than her actual unit, CatsMint. She shares this error with Xiong Daihua.

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