Will the romantic tales in books ever happen to me?

— Tian Zhiqing

Tian Zhiqing is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and a member of the idol group Danqing.

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An innocent and unaffected young girl, smart and alert, she often has fantastical ideas. She's read many books, and most recently she's extremely interested in popular literature.
Unaware of why, she always cannot find small objects that she carries.[1]

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Zhiqing is a pure and sweet teenage girl. She loves books and has a wild imagination, leading her to desire a more fantastical life akin to the ones in stories. At times, her imagination gets the best of her an does something on a whim, like when she saw Feng Yasong and decided to follow him. Her favorite genre of books seem to be romance/drama, but she has read fantasies like Alice in Wonderland.

She is also musically talented, since she can play the Chinese lute.

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EP6. Seems Like I've Joined a Ridiculous Club Edit

Zhiqing, bored with her life, noticed the chicken Feng Yasong passing by her. Following the chicken, Zhiqing met Yao Jingnv and Zhuo Jue. Jingnv called it a fated encounter, but Jue noted that they both followed the chicken. Jingnv says their fated purpose is to be idols, and Zhiqing joined immediately. Zhiqing talked to Jue, who was still confused by idols at the time.

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