Welcome to the IDOL∞INFINITY Wiki! To ensure that this wiki is both an accurate and reliable source of information as well as a safe place for all fans of the series, all users (including staff) must comply with the following rules.

Intentional failure to comply with these rules will result in consequences. Repeat offenses will result in longer bans.

Conduct Rules

  • Be nice! Do not personally attack or flame other people.
  • Do not make prejudiced remarks - e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.
  • Do not post explicit or lewd content, or any other form of sensitive content.
  • Respect others' privacy. Do not post personal information of other users or of those involved in IDOL∞INFINITY's production.

Contribution Rules

  • Vandalism is strictly prohibited. This includes any form of false information.
  • When uploading images, make sure you use descriptive titles. For example, "Jingjing casual.png" is a proper name, but "image_27.png" is not.
  • Follow conventions used by preexisting pages in the wiki. This includes properly using and filling out infoboxes.
  • Make organizational edits (adding notices, categorization, etc.) with caution. If unsure, ask an admin.
  • Do not engage in "edit wars" (fighting over page content with another user). Even if you feel you are in the right, contact an admin if such a dispute occurs.

The admins reserve the right to add or remove rules at any time.

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