Within 3 days, calamity shall befall you. There's no need to understand, a mere 81k, and it's possible to change your fate and avoid disaster.

— Yao Jingnü

Yao Jingnv is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and the leader of the idol unit Danqing.

Blurb Edit

A lady who is proficient in the art of fengshui and fortune telling, she is very accurate in divination. Her way of speech is extremely profound/mysterious, and people are unable to grasp the finer details as a result.

Everyday, she often has business, and is very particular about her food, clothing, and expenses. She constantly brings around a large chicken as her fortune telling assistant.[1]

Personality Edit

Jingnv is a woman of fortune telling and money. She is spiritually inclined, being well-versed in fengshui, fortune telling, and exorcisms. However, her behavior in the comics and fortune telling prices suggest she may be in it for the money, but her enigmatic personality makes her true goal unknown.

Though she may be greedy, she has a soft spot for her unit members and Feng Yasong.

Story Edit

EP6. Seems Like I've Joined a Ridiculous Club Edit

Jingnv sent Feng Yasong to find members to join her idol club. He brought both Zhuo Jue and Tian Zhiqing, though at different times. Jingnv called it a fated encounter, but Jue noted that she just followed the chicken. When Jue pondered about the purpose of a club with a traditional Chinese theme, Jingnv says their fated purpose is to be idols. While Zhiqing and Jue talk, Jingnv and Feng Yasong laughed evilly behind them.

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  • Her name is tough to pronounce as "ü" is a sound that doesn't exist in english.
    A close approximation of "nü" would be the "nu" of "nuance".
  • Jingnv, along with Chi Xiaoxiao, are the only unit leaders to not appear in EP1. Let's Start a Band?!.
  • Jingnv has nicknames for both of her unit members: Qingqing (青青 Qīngqīng) for Tian Zhiqing and Little Zhuo (小卓 Xiǎozhuō) for Zhuo Jue.

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