I'm already ready, please instruct.

— Zhang An

Zhang An is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and a member of the idol group Gloria.

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A 16-year-old girls' high school student. She speaks rarely, but when she does, it is very succinct. Her hobby is anything related to guns.[1]

She is the third member of the unit Gloria.

Personality Edit

An has a rather straight-forward mindset. She is oblivious, rarely speaks, and even dons an uninterested look most of the time, making her seem emotionless. However, this changes when guns or the military are involved; for example, when her marshal demanded her to join the group in a militaristic tone, she gained a determined look and joined instantly. In short, her personality can be described as the perfect soldier.

Appearance Edit

An has light blue hair styled in a bob cut with straight bangs a little slanted to the right edge. Her hair has darker blue shades, and her eyes are pale yellow. Her casual outfit seems to consist of her school uniform, but more tomboyish, and following her unit's theme, her idol outfit is based around the Russian military.

Story Edit

EP3. Let's Conquer the World with Your Marshal, Me! Edit

Lin Moli needed to recruit a weapons consultant, so Xiong Daihua contacted An online on Moli's behalf and agreed to rendezvous in public, believing her to be a boy. After waiting for an extended period of time, much to Moli's disapproval, An met with the two and introduced herself. Daihua, realizing that An was a girl, immediately attempted to recruit her to join Moli's idol group, Gloria. An declined, stating that she had only agreed to be a weapons consultant. Moli stepped in and commanded An to join the group in a militaristic tone. An immediately and curtly agreed to join, to Daihua's surprise.[2]

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