Practicing tai chi is for purifying one's nature from worldly pleasures, not for fighting.

— Zhuo Jue

Zhuo Jue is a character in IDOL∞INFINITY and a member of the idol unit Danqing.

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A distinctly handsome and heroic young girl, she's studied martial arts since she was young, so her manner and figure are rather androgynous and she's constantly mistaken as a "cute boy".
She likes to cook, and is very good at it, especially her chopping skills. She is proficient in calligraphy and the art of tea.[1]

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Jue's personality can be described as kind and noble. She is willing to help others, regardless of the task. Her casual clothes, unfamiliarity with idols, and heroic traits indicate that she was raised in a rather traditional household. Despite her more masculine appearance, she desires to wear cute clothing, though she may be too shy to do so.

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EP6. Seems Like I've Joined a Ridiculous Club Edit

Sometime before Tian Zhiqing did, Jue followed the chicken Feng Yasong to Yao Jingnv's location. When Yasong brought back Zhiqing, Jingnv called it a fated encounter, but Jue noted that they both followed the chicken. Jue pondered about the purpose of a club with a traditional Chinese theme, but Jingnv said their fated purpose was to become idols. Jue was confused by the concept of idols, wondering if they were a fighting move or a food dish. She talked to Zhiqing afterwards, but the conversation did not help her understand idols.

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